• Worldcoin (WLD), a crypto project using eye-scanning technology, is reportedly under investigation in France.
• The project has signed up over two million users since launching and is being investigated by France’s privacy watchdog, the CNIL.
• Worldcoin is using zero-knowledge proofs to protect the privacy of users.

Worldcoin Under Investigation in France

Days after launching and signing up over two million users, the cryptocurrency project Worldcoin (WLD) is reportedly under investigation in France. The country’s privacy watchdog, the CNIL, is looking into the legality of its biometric data collection, which involves iris-scanning orbs.

Investigation Into Biometric Data Collection

The CNIL has stated that the legality of Worldcoin’s data collection “seems questionable, as do the conditions for storing biometric data” according to Reuters. The Worldcoin Foundation responded to this news with an email stating that their protocol was “designed to protect individual privacy and has built a robust privacy program” and meets current regulatory requirements.

Worldcoin Verifying Unique Humans Every 7.6 Seconds

Worldcoin reported that since launch they have been verifying a unique human every 7.6 seconds on average with new records being set daily due to increased demand for proof of personhood verification from users all around the world.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs Used To Protect Privacy

In order to protect user’s personal information while still proving their identity, Worldcoin uses Zero-Knowledge proofs (ZKPs). ZKPs are cryptographic methods used to prove that specific data is true without revealing what it actually contains or who it belongs too. This helps keep user’s identities safe while still allowing them to access services such as crypto exchanges or financial systems where proof of identity may be required beforehand or during transactions.

UK Watchdog Also Investigating WorldCoin

Earlier this week, WorldCoin also faced an inquiry from a UK watchdog due to similar concerns about its biometric data collection processes and protocols which it currently uses for user authentication purposes. At time of writing, WLD was trading at $2.18 USD down 0.2% during last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap .