• The Helium network is scheduled to migrate to Solana’s ecosystem on April 19th.
• This migration will bring the network scalability, reliability, and utility.
• During the migration process, the Helium blockchain will halt, LoRaWAN hotspots will no longer mine HNT tokens, and a snapshot of its chain will be taken.

Migration of Helium Network to Solana’s Ecosystem

The highly anticipated event in the blockchain industry is the migration of the Helium network to Solana’s ecosystem. This migration is necessary due to a more scalable platform and broader audience which it provides. All roads lead to April 19th when this migration is scheduled to conclude.

What Changes Will Occur During Migration?

At the time of this network migration and upgrade, several changes are expected to take place: The Helium blockchain will halt; existing mobile and HNT tokens will undergo mapping to Solana; native hotspots will be minted as NFTs; and a snapshot of its chain will be taken. Despite these changes taking place during this period, personal Hotspot and LoRaWAN devices are assuredly operational before and after the mentioned processes occur.

Changes To HNT Tokens

In relation to what changes would be made with regards to their native tokens (HNT), loRaWAN hotspots have been stated that they won’t mine any more HNT tokens anymore but instead an incentivized token for users called IoT token would be mined by LoRaWAN device in order for users who own them can make use of it properly as intended by the foundation.

Benefits From Migrating To Solana

Users of Helium stand to gain many benefits from migrating over to SOL including support from Solana’s massive community and growing blockchain ecosystem as well as added scalability, reliability, and utility within the platform itself.


The much-anticipated migration of Helium network onto SOL has officially begun with promises for better scalability with its host platform for many years into its future operations thereby making it easier for people around world who use this service easily access data with its added features like NFTs etc., all while keeping personal Hotspot devices operational at all times regardless if there’s a transition or not between hosts platforms..