• South Korean prosecutors have called for the extradition of crypto entrepreneur Do Kwon in order to bring him to justice in his home country.
• US prosecutors are also interested in the case and are working to extradite Kwon to face charges in the US.
• The US SEC has announced a record-breaking $279 million award to a whistleblower who provided valuable information and assistance leading to successful enforcement actions.

TerraUSD Crypto Crash Investigation Takes Important Turn

The investigation into the TerraUSD crypto crash has taken an important turn, as the South Korean prosecutor leading the case has called for the extradition of crypto entrepreneur Do Kwon to his home country. The crash wiped out $40 billion from digital currency markets, leaving investors reeling. According to the Wall Street Journal, South Korean prosecutors and their US counterparts are vying for his extradition from Montenegro, where he has been detained since March. Furthermore, South Korean prosecutors are seeking Kwon’s extradition in order to bring him to justice in his home country. However, US prosecutors have also expressed interest in the case, and are reportedly working to extradite Kwon to face charges in the US.

Do Kwon Faces 40-Year Jail Term In South Korea

Kwon, who founded blockchain platform Terraform Labs, has been accused of fraudulent activities and mismanagement of funds in the crypto industry. The crash of TerraUSD and Luna, which were both launched on his platform resulted in significant losses for investors worldwide. If Kwon is extradited to South Korea he could face a lengthy jail term for his alleged crimes with up to 40 years imprisonment being possible if convicted as per reports by a local newspaper Chosun Ilbo citing prosecution sources. The prosecutor has said that he is committed to bringing justice victims of TerraUSD crash and that Kwon’s extradition would be a significant step towards achieving that goal.

SEC Rewards Whistleblower With $279 Million For Exposing Securities Law Violations

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced a historic award of nearly $279 million dollars awarded by way of whistleblower bounty program as reward money for providing valuable information that led authorities successfully pursue enforcement action against wrong doers related securities law violations . This is largest award ever issued under SEC’s whistleblower program history more than doubling previous record set at $114 million issued October 2020 .The SEC clarified that this reward was made possible thanks assistance provided by anonymous source whose identity is protected under confidentiality provisions designed protect whistleblowers identities when they provide information expose wrong doers violating securities laws .

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This article discussed two separate but important news events taking place within cryptocurrency space firstly we explored story around legal battle involving crypto entrepreneur Do Kwan whose alleged activities led crashing entire market wiping 40 billion dollars worth value Secondly we looked at recent announcement made by U S Security Exchange Commission announcing record breaking reward 279 million dollars being awarded anonymous whistleblower exposing wrong doers violating securities laws