• Coinbase has launched a new advertising campaign to highlight the importance of cryptocurrency in the US.
• This campaign seeks to emphasize crypto technology’s transformative potential for the global financial system.
• A report from venture capital firm Electric Capital states that the US could miss out on significant technological and economic opportunities due to its regulatory stance on digital assets.

Coinbase Launches Advertising Campaign To Highlight Cryptocurrency

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, recently rolled out a national advertising campaign titled Crypto: Moving America Forward. The purpose of this marketing initiative is to put the spotlight on crypto technology’s transformative potential for the global financial system and show what is at stake if the US fails to move forward with it as other nations advance their use of technology, including digital assets. Ads featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will be aired on popular Sunday shows.

China’s Embrace of Technology

As China continues to embrace and advance digital assets in order to project power, Coinbase’s Crypto: Moving America Forward emphasizes that US global economic leadership and national security are at risk if America cedes its role in building technology that will be central to world’s financial infrastructure.

Venture Capital Report Highlights Need for Action

A March report from venture capital firm Electric Capital reads that “Crypto and blockchain technologies are next wave of Internet, with potential to fundamentally change money, financial system, and Internet more broadly.” It further highlights that losing market share in blockchain software development underscores need for US take action preserve preeminence in financial markets and related technologies.

Crypto Could Transform Global Financial System

The promotion of cryptocurrencies could shape a better future for people all over the world by providing greater access to low-cost payments services, improving transparency within banking systems, reducing fraud risks associated with cross-border transactions and more. As such, it is important for governments around the world – including those in developed countries like America – not only become aware of cryptocurrencies but also go ahead with regulations that would help foster its growth instead of hindering it as has been witnessed so far.


By launching its Crypto: Moving America Forward advertising campaign, Coinbase wants Americans recognize importance cryptocurrency as well as benefits associated with its adoption not just globally but also locally. With heightened competition from China who is using digital assets project power abroad, it becomes even more essential for United States step up efforts harness power cryptocurrency offer create future both citizens country itself can admire look forward .