• Blur is offering a second token airdrop worth $300 million, with a new requirement that users have 100% loyalty to the platform.
• This means that users will have to list their NFTs only on Blur and not anywhere else in order to receive more tokens through Mythical Care Packages.
• The competition between Blur and OpenSea has been heating up, with Blur overtaking OpenSea in terms of volume in just one week.

Blur Announces Second Airdrop Worth $300 Million

Last week, the NFT and crypto space was lit up when NFT marketplace Blur announced what it said was Season 1 of its token airdrop. A total of 360 million BLUR tokens were airdropped to active participants on the platform, with the highest airdrop reportedly worth around $4 million. Now, the NFT platform is back once again with another massive airdrop, but this time with new conditions.

Leave OpenSea To Receive More Tokens

In a tweet that has ignited further competition between the two NFT marketplaces, Blur has encouraged NFT traders to leave OpenSea in favor of its own platform. In the tweet, Blur announced that it was preparing for ‘Season 2’ of its token drop worth around $300 million. However, this time around, it is adding a new requirement – ‘100% loyalty’. Users who list their NFTs only on their marketplace and nowhere else will be able to achieve 100% loyalty and are likely to receive Mythical Care Packages which are reportedly worth 100x more than Uncommon Care Packages.

Contribute To The Community For Points

Blur also mentioned that all contributions to the Blur community would be rewarded as well as quote tweets explaining why they use the NFT marketplace being counted as contributions too. This means that users can get points even if they don’t hold any tokens or list any NFTS on their platform.

Competition Between Marketplaces Heats Up

Since the first Blur airdrop just last week, competition among NFT marketplaces has been fierce than ever before. Even though it had half then number of traders compared to OpenSea at launch, Blur quickly gained ground and overtook it in terms of volume just within one week’s time period alone!


The latest move by Blur shows how much importance they place on user loyalty and contribution from their community members if they want to reap rewards from these generous token drops! It remains to be seen what OpenSea does next as both platforms battle for dominance in this space!